Liqui-Plex Bonder technology supports a healthy and productive crop by delivering 18 plant-available amino acids that can be applied with any pass over the field. By mitigating stressors, optimizing the plant during important growth stages such as pollination, and improving the whole photosynthetic activity, Liqui-Plex Bonder can help the crop protect itself and increase yield.

Liqui-Plex Bonder is flexible and user-friendly. It fits any pass across the field with a tank-mix compatible formulation and a long shelf life. Liqui-Plex Bonder is easy to handle and incorporate into any program.



Each amino acid serves a specific purpose in the plant. Below are four examples of key plant processes supported by individual amino acids.


Liqui-Plex Bonder has more amino acids at higher concentrations than competitive products. Manufactured using a precise fermentation process, these quantities are consistent in every batch, every time.


Crop: Soybeans
Location: Wisconsin
Year: 2021

Liqui-Plex Bonder, paired with Nature's Basics 2X, showed increased photosynthetic efficiency in the plant, which helps to optimize plant growth. The two products paired together increased yield by 10%--see second chart below for more detail.


Crop: Soybeans
Location: Wisconsin
Year: 2021

Liqui-Plex Bonder, paired with Nature's Basics 2X, showed a clear yield advantage over a leading conventional fungicide.

Product Benefits

Liqui-Plex Bonder is a yield increaser and a yield protector.

To increase yield, Liqui-Plex Bonder does the following: 

  • Improves whole photosynthetic activity and chlorophyll production.
  • Increases nutrient use efficiency through better uptake and movement of nutrients once they are in the plant. 
  • Optimizes plant performance during physiological stages such as pollination and reproduction. 


To protect yield, Liqui-Plex Bonder does the following: 

  • Enhances the vitality of the crop so it is better suited to handle abiotic stressors. A healthy plant can respond more effectively to stress when it occurs. 
  • Maintains proper water relations in the plant during stress. 
  • Through optimized nutrient uptake and mobility, helps the plant move the nutrients to where it needs them. 




Product Specifications

Active Ingredient: Amino acids from yeast extract

Formulation: Liquid solution

Application Timing: Until harvest, can be applied with most traditional herbicide and fertilizer programs