Deeply Rooted in Agriculture

As a family-run, global company, we strive to be a partner in providing solutions. Agriculture never stands still, and neither do we. We strive to deliver world-class solutions by developing innovative products as well as a distinct quality approach in our partnerships. 

With more than 100 subsidiaries and branches in over 30 countries around the world, HELM has the resources, product offerings and industry expertise to keep your farming operation moving forward. 

We intend to provide the highest-level service while delivering proven products in the whole-field crop protection and nutrition. This includes high standards in our registrations, excellent efficacy of our products and highest level in customer service.


HELM is founded

1950 Hermann Schnabel ​takes over company from Karl O. Helm 

1978 HELM becomes a family-owned stock corporation. 

1984 Dieter Schnabel ​becomes Chairman of ​HELM Executive Board 

1986 Helm Fertilizer Corporation is formed

1995 Construction of Helena, AK terminal

2003 With headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee, HELM Agro US, Inc. begins operations as an independently operated subsidiary. 

2004 Registration of Ro-Neet Herbicide 

2009 Registration of Helmquat 3SL (Paraquat) 

2013 HELM Agro US, Inc. relocated the U.S. headquarters to Tampa, Florida  

2013 Registration of Kendo 22.8 CS (Lambda-Cyhalothrin)

2019 Purchase of CGB Fertilizer and added 8 fertilizer terminals

2020 Stephan Schnabel ​becomes Chairman of ​HELM AG Executive Board​ 

2020 Registration of Reviton, Gamma and Katagon herbicides 

2020 Establishment of Specialty Fertilizer division