Welcome to the HELM family

HELM is proud to be a family-owned, entrepreneurial company giving customers like you more value, choice and expertise in crop solutions.   

We’re here to support growth, profitability and evolution in your growing business. We know it better than most because we’re building it alongside you. You aren’t just a number in a spreadsheet – you’re part of our family.


We’re rooted in family values

We don’t report to stockholders when making decisions; we report to our customers. 

We strive to make sound, long-term business decisions that support our family legacy for future generations – much like the American farmer.


We know the industry

We bring together the best minds from nearly every recognizable U.S. crop protection and crop nutrition companies. With over 500 years of combined crop protection industry experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to bring effective crop solutions to market.

We work tirelessly to quickly bring new, proven innovations to the market by partnering with like-minded industry leaders. By simplifying the process, we can identify challenges and bring forward inventive solutions that add value to your plants, fields and bottom line.


What sets our business apart from others? 

Our size allows us to stay agile to react to the market quicker while creating an ongoing plan for the next growing season. This allows us to bring high quality products to the market faster and when growers need them. 

We’re proud to help growers achieve their goals.


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HELM AG is founded.

1950: Hermann Schnabel takes over company from Karl O. Helm

1986: HELM Fertilizer corporation is formed.

2003: HELM Agro begins operations as an independently operated subsidiary in the U.S.

2004: Ro-Neet® herbicide is registered.

2019: Purchase of CGB Fertilizer and added 8 terminals.

2020: Reviton™, Katagon™ and Gamma™ herbicides are registered.

2020: Establishment of Specialty Fertilizer operations.

2021: HELM partners with Alltech Crop Science® to give growers access to crop advantage products.

2021: HELM expands sales footprint to support crop advantage products.

2021: All fertilizer activities in the Americas are brought under one unit - Crop Nutrition Americas

2021: Cargill partners with HELM to build commercial-scale, renewable BDO facility.