Amino acids are the foundational components of living things. These 20 protein-forming building blocks are common across all organisms, from trees to rabbits to human beings. Plants must synthesize a continuous supply of each of these amino acids to grow and develop. Each acid has a different job to do or process to contribute to. Below are four common amino acids and their roles in crop production. 



To support plant productivity, many growers are adding supplemental amino acids to their plant performance programs. Supplemental amino acid products can have many benefits for the crop, such as increasing photosynthetic activity, improving nutrient use efficiency, CO2 uptake and pollination. But not every amino acid product is the same. Just like every type of breakfast cereal has different nutritional makeup than other types, so too do amino acids. 


Know what you’re getting

As you examine amino acid products, look to these four questions to make sure you are putting the best product out to support your crop. 

  1. Which amino acids are in the jug? Out of the 20 essential amino acids, which ones are in the products you are looking at? 
  2. How much of each amino acid is in the jug? The amount of each amino acid is equally as important as its presence in the mix. Just because glycine is in the jug doesn’t mean there is a useful amount. Concentrations are key to efficacy. 
  3. Are the amino acids plant available? L-amino acids are the only form that is usable by the plant. Be sure that the product you are evaluating contains L-amino acids to ensure they are taken up and used by the crop.
  4. What is the source of your amino acids? There are many production methods, from fermentation and plant sources to using amino acids from the leather industry. Fermentation-based production provides a consistent, replicable concentration and presence of amino acids, paired with on-demand supply.

Liqui-Plex Bonder® is a highly consistent, concentrated formulation of 18 essential, plant-available amino acids designed to enhance the crop and mitigate stressors. Liqui-Plex Bonder is a yield increaser and yield protector. 


To increase yield, Liqui-Plex Bonder: 

  • Improves photosynthetic activity by increasing CO2 uptake and chlorophyll production.
  • Optimizes pollination and the plant reproduction process.
  • Increases nutrient use efficiency through better uptake and movement of nutrients once they are in the plant. 
  • Optimizes plant performance during important physiological stages.

To protect yield, Liqui-Plex Bonder: 

  • Enhances the vitality of the crop so it is better suited to handle abiotic stressors. A healthy plant can respond more effectively to stress when it occurs. 
  • Maintains proper water relations in the plant during stress. 
  • Helps the plant move the nutrients to where it needs them through optimized nutrient uptake and mobility.

Let’s evaluate Liqui-Plex Bonder using the four qualifying questions from earlier:

  1. Which amino acids are in the jug? Liqui-Plex Bonder contains 18 out of the 20 essential amino acids. One important ingredient in the Liqui-Plex Bonder formulation is tryptophan, which is often missing in other amino acid products. This amino acid is important for rapid root and leaf growth.
  2. How much of each amino acid is in the jug? In addition to higher numbers of amino acids, Liqui-Plex Bonder contains greater concentrations than competitive products.
  1. Are the amino acids plant available? Liqui-Plex Bonder contains a 100% plant-available formulation of amino acids.
  2. What is the source of your amino acids? Manufactured using a precise fermentation process, the quantities in the chart above are consistent in every batch, every time. Liqui-Plex Bonder is not a byproduct of other manufacturing processes, it is an intentionally produced amino acid product.

As you investigate your amino acid options this spring, be sure to manage these factors to guarantee you get a consistent, quality amino acid product. Feed your plants the most nutritious breakfast cereal option, not the sugar-coated stuff. 

To learn more about Liqui-Plex Bonder and HELM’s Plant Advantage lineup, contact your local retailer or HELM representative. You can also find more Liqui-Plex materials here.