Agriculture evolves. It grows and changes in sync with the surrounding environment. And as the agriculture industry evolves, so must the tools we use for managing it. Weeds, insects and disease all battle to destroy the goods we labor to produce. That’s why we need to grow smarter, stronger and faster. At HELM, we take our cues from the changing agriculture environment. We look at what’s happening today to create for tomorrow. Lay the foundation for a successful future in HELM's digital learning center.

Learning Modules

Gain technical insights ad build your knowledge about HELM products through learning through our online learning courses.

The HELM Masterclass

The HELM Masterclass is an in-person course designed to give invited attendees access to experts in the fields of biologicals, nutrigenomics and plant nutrition. Through classroom sessions and hands-on in-field events, retailers will interact with these experts to gain an actionable understanding of the principles behind Plant Advantage(TM) (soil health, crop development and crop defense) technologies.

360⁰ Discovery Days

We test our products in the field to ensure superior performance and efficacy for optimal crop use and application. Our current product portfolio includes novel herbicides with new active ingredients and low use rates, tried and true chemistry, biological solutions and more.

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A new level of confidence for burndown

Reviton™ is newest PPO herbicide on the market that quickly controls weeds, resulting in a clean start for maximum yield potential and better return on investment.