Zone Defense

Zone Defense is a novel blend of two PPO chemistries for early preplant or preemergence weed control for all types of soybean production systems.

Offering dual zones of protection that extend from the soil surface to a deeper layer in the soil, Zone Defense controls more than 75 grass and broadleaf weeds including resistant species and keeps them down with up to 60 days of residual activity.

Primary Weeds Controlled

Amaranth species, American daisy, Annual sedge, Bristly starbur, Carpetweed, Catchweed, Chamomile mayweed, Chickweed, Coffee senna, Copperleaf (hophornbeam, Virginia), Crabgrass species, Curly dock, Devil’s claw, Eclipta, Flixweed, Golden crownbeard, Goosegrass, Groundcherry (clammy, cutleaf), Hairy galinsoga, Hedgehog cyperus, Jimsonweed, Kochia (ALS, triazine resistant), Ladysthumb, Lambsquarters, Mallow, Miners lettuce, Morningglory species, Mustard species, Nightshade (black, eastern black), Nutsedge (purple, yellow), Orchardgrass, Palmer amaranth, Panicum (fall, Texas), Pennsylvania smartweed, Pigweed species, Plantain species, Poorjoe, Porophyllum, Prickly sida/Teaweed, Purslane, Redmaids, Redstem filaree, Red tasselflower, Redweed, Russian thistle, Shepherd’s purse, Sicklepod, Smellmellon, Southern sida, Spurred anoda, Stinkgrass, Tropic croton, Waterhemp, Wild poinsettia, Winged waterprimrose, Witchgrass, Woolly cupgrass, Yellow toadflax

The Science: How it works

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