Crops need the right nutrition to achieve peak performance – nutrition that stimulates metabolic processes which positively influence yield, quality and more. Maximize crop production potential and marketability by supplementing with Naturally derived biologic products. 

Crop Development

Liqui-Plex Bonder

Liqui-Plex Bonder technology supports a healthy and productive crop by delivering 18 plant-available amino acids that can be applied with any pass over the field. By mitigating stressors, optimizing the plant during important growth stages such as pollination, and improving photosynthetic activity, Liqui-Plex Bonder can help the crop protect itself and increase yield.

Liqui-Plex Bonder is flexible and user-friendly. It fits any pass across the field with a tank-mix compatible formulation and a long shelf life. Liqui-Plex Bonder is easy to handle and incorporate into any program.

Crop Development


Scyon is a unique biostimulant complex that bolsters plant resiliency in adverse conditions through supporting nutrient use efficiency, plant vitality and energy. 

Crop Development


Liqui-Plex® is a foliar-applied yeast extract featuring 18 essential amino acids that fast-track mineral uptake and use.

Crop Development

Nature’s Basics® 2X

Nature’s Basics® 2X is a liquid fermentation solution that provides the essential nutrition and energy needed to bolster plants’ metabolic processes and stimulate optimal crop production.

Crop Development


Grain-Set® is a liquid fermentation solution for corn, cereal and pasture crops that delivers essential nutrition needed for important metabolic processes which stimulate optimal crop production. 

Crop Development


Crop-Set® is a liquid fermentation solution for fruits and vegetables that delivers essential nutrition needed for important metabolic processes influencing crop maturation and quality.