Sulphur is a non-metal chemical element with symbol S and one of the most important raw materials for many chemical, medical and fertilizer applications.

Product Description

Sulphur is available in lumped or granular form or as molten product. It melts at 112-115°C. Close to 90% of all elemental Sulphur is converted into Sulphuric Acid. In fertilizers, Sulphur improves the efficiency of nitrogen and phosphorous based plant nutrients. Sulphur is hydrophobic and needs soil bacteria to convert it into soluble derivatives. Elemental Sulphur is available from natural deposits, but more common today from industrial desulfurization of Hydrocarbons such as natural gas, crude oil, oil sands and coal. In this process the Sulphur is

available as hydrogen sulfide and is further oxidized into Sulphur Dioxide.


Sulphur has an abundance of applications from fungicides, herbicides, chemicals, disinfectants, synthetic rubber and of cause fertilizers. The removal of Sulphur from Hydrocarbons has significantly reduced the emission of Sulphur Dioxide into the atmosphere, which was mostly responsible for the “acid rain” which lead to the damage of forests. The reduction of Sulphur in the precipitation has left a need for the agricultural sector to add Sulphur through fertilizers to achieve sufficient yields. HELM offers multiple forms of Sulphur based products through its extensive distribution system