Scyon delivers a unique nutritional complex designed to proactively mitigate abiotic stress and support nutrient efficiency to help crops thrive in adverse conditions. Containing six natural metabolites in a potassium complex, Scyon is designed to support plant health and help reduce stress.

By linking plant nutrition, water use and the plant’s energy-producing systems, Scyon increases overall plant vitality.

The Science: How it works

Scyon has three main effects in the plant and multiple metabolites contributing to each effect. This brings multiple modes of action for each desired outcome.

Nutrient use efficiency (NUE): By increasing nutrient uptake from the soil, Scyon helps the plant efficiently transport nutrients. This allows the plant to better defend itself when facing abiotic stresses

Energy: C02 acquisition and metabolites support high energy production. With help from Scyon, a plant can support higher yield potential across varying growing conditions

Plant vitality: When faced with abiotic and biotic stressors, Scyon’s metabolites help regulate the plant’s immune response by stimulating the plant’s natural SAR and SIR (biotic stress) pathways. By doing so, the plant increases its concentrations of immune compounds and secondary metabolites, further mitigating abiotic stressors

Field Trial Data

Research showed Scyon-treated fields resulted in higher wheat yields versus the untreated check and a standard fungicide program

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