Nature’s Basics® 2X

Nature’s Basics® 2X is a liquid fermentation solution that provides the essential nutrition and energy needed to bolster plants’ metabolic processes and stimulate optimal crop production.

Nature’s Basics 2X promotes strong plant growth processes, including root and shoot development for more nutrient access and stronger stems.

Field trials with Nature’s Basics 2X applications exhibited results demonstrating better overall crop quality and yield.

The Science: How it works

Nature’s Basic’s 2X naturally stimulates chlorophyll production, providing the energy needed to drive a plant’s metabolic processes for optimal crop production.

Nature’s Basics 2X helps a plant work more efficiently to achieve enhanced performance and stand up against in-season stressors.

Field Trial Data

Field trials support the existence of overall better crop quality and yield.

Nature’s Basics 2X is also an Alltech Crop Science proprietary innovation with over 27 years of research and development

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