Agriculture continues to evolve, so must the tools we use to manage that change. As weeds, insects and disease continue to challenge crop potential and profitability, we must grow smarter, stronger and faster through innovation.

At HELM, we learn and adjust with each change in the agricultural environment. We learn from the past, fine tine today to create for a better tomorrow. It’s that vision and dedication that shapes the way we innovate in the field of crop protection – delivering solutions that address your most difficult challenges

See how HELM is focused on delivering innovative solutions that help growers get the most out of every acre.

Crop Protection Solutions


Solutions to control a wide
range of diseases
for a wide variety of crops.


Control the toughest, most-resistant,
yield-robbing broadleaves and
grasses out there. 


Make better management
choices with the right
pest control products. 

Plant Advantage™ Solutions

Soil Health

Maintain healthy, balanced
soils for a nutrient-rich
growing environment.

Crop Development

Maximize production potential
and marketability by optimizing
plant performance. 

Crop Defense

Strengthen a plant’s natural
defense against seasonal
stressors and pests. 

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