If you can only attend one professional industry event this year, make it a HELM Masterclass. This exclusive, invite-only event is for retailers who want to help their growers achieve top-end plant performance and yield. Through engaging, in-depth lectures, hands-on field events and expert discussions, you can gain a deeper understanding of plant physiology, nutrigenomics and the value of amino acids.


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The biologicals marketplace is complex and intricate. With so many product options that deliver such a wide variety of agronomic benefits, it can be confusing to know what product to use and when. HELM’s biological portfolio, referred to as Plant Advantage™, differs from other biologicals and non-traditional products. These products support the plant at various growth stages with a portfolio of novel technologies and several modes of action. Through research and application of nutrigenomics, Plant Advantage products can influence the genetic expression of crops to optimize plant potential. By utilizing forward-thinking, diversified tools such as fermentation-based metabolites, amino acids and other technologies, HELM aims to bridge the gap between biologicals and traditional chemistries.

Attending a HELM Plant Advantage Masterclass can help you bridge that gap for your growers.

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Hungry for more? You don’t have to wait for a Masterclass to start learning. Dig deeper into Plant Advantage topics via HELM online learning courses. Each of these courses take approximately 30 minutes to complete. They are designed to provide educational and technical insights about HELM Plant Advantage products and how they can help your crops to manage and mitigate stressors throughout the growing season. Throughout each module, you will find quiz questions to test your understanding of the topic.