Contour™ is a versatile and proactive soil improvement product designed to enhance soil quality and promote plant performance throughout the growing season.

Contour offers a comprehensive solution for growers looking to optimize both yields and soil health. It achieves this by promoting nutrient availability, root growth, residue management, microbial activity, and overall soil functionality. Its use of proprietary bacterial metabolites, compatibility with various agricultural practices, and user-friendly nature make it a valuable addition.

The Science: How it works

Contour is intended to enhance the properties and characteristics of soil. This includes improvements in nutrient content, texture, structure, and other factors that are important for plant growth.

The growth of microbial populations in the soil is essential for nutrient cycling and overall soil health. Healthy microbial communities can contribute to improved nutrient availability for plants.

Contour aims to facilitate a productive relationship between the soil and plants throughout the entire growing season. It emphasizes the importance of strong root development, which is crucial for plants to establish themselves effectively and maximize their genetic potential.

Field Trial Data

Contour's ability to enhance residue breakdown is significant. This suggests that it can help break down organic matter from previous crops, making nutrients more available to the current crop and potentially reducing disease pressure from residual plant material.

Contour's compatibility with non-orthophosphate fertilizers is noteworthy. This suggests that it can be used alongside a variety of fertilizers, allowing farmers to customize their nutrient management strategies.