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Reviton®, a novel PPO burndown herbicide, hammers down tough broadleaves and grasses that threaten your yield.

Reviton herbicide helps you say goodbye to problem weeds traditional programs can miss.

Here’s how Reviton stands apart from the rest:

Get proven control of tough weeds

Reviton herbicide controls or suppresses 50+ broadleaf and grass weeds, including glyphosate-, ALS- and triazine-resistant species. Unlike most other PPO inhibitors, Reviton has grass activity to control species like giant and green foxtail.

And Reviton works fast. It’s demonstrated to control troublesome weeds faster than 2,4-D and glyphosate alone.

Over 1,100 field trials (and counting) prove Reviton’s effectiveness, with high ratings in weed kill even for  resistant species.

Hammer weeds with a novel active ingredient

Preplant burndown herbicides with a novel active ingredient are few and far between. Before Reviton herbicide’s launch in 2020, its novel active ingredient Tergeo® had never been commercially applied in the U.S.

Reviton’s active ingredient fills gaps in existing burndown programs to strengthen overall control.

Easily integrate Reviton into your existing spring burndown program

Reviton’s ability to tank mix with many herbicides makes it easy to integrate into burndown programs, no significant management changes necessary.

By anchoring your spring burndown program with Reviton, you can:

  • Maintain or improve weed control while using minimum label rates of glyphosate or glufosinate.
  • Help reduce selection pressure on dicamba, 2,4-D and even glyphosate, saving those chemistries for in-season use.


Tame pesky wild oats

If you grow wheat, you probably dread looking into your field and seeing wild oats. Burndown emerged wild oat by applying Reviton herbicide preplant to your wheat crop.  Doing so leads to a much lower wild oat population in your wheat crop.

In recent field trials, Reviton controlled more than 80% of wild oats one week after application.

Stress less during application time

Reviton herbicide’s low use rates, flexibility and user-friendly profile make for a more seamless application:

  • Reviton has low use rates, measured in ounces, not pints. The result is greater convenience, easier handling and less storage and disposal.
  • Reviton does not require a closed handling system, unlike other burndown herbicides.
  • Corn has a 0-day rotational crop interval, key for reduced and no-till production systems. Corn and wheat have an immediate, 0-day plant back interval. Soybeans include a 0 to 7-day plant back interval for soybeans (depending on soil type and rate). Cotton has a 7 to 14-day plant back interval.



    Primary Weeds Controlled/Suppressed

    Amaranth (Palmer)*, Carpetweed, Chickweed, Cocklebur, Crabgrass, Dandelion, Evening primrose, Field bindweed, Filaree, Giant foxtail, Green foxtail, Hairy fleabane, Henbit, Kochia, Lambsquarters, Little barley, Mallow, Marestail, Mayweed chamomile,  Morningglory species, Mustard, Nightshade species, Pigweed, Prickly lettuce, Prickly sida, Prostrate knotweed, Purslane, Ragweed species,  Redroot pigweed, Shepherd’s purse, Sickelpod, Sowthistle, Velvetleaf, Volunteer canola, Volunteer corn, Volunteer wheat, Waterhemp*, Wild buckwheat, Wild oats, Willowweed

    Contact your HELM Regional Sales Manager for strategies to manage marestail taller than 4 inches.

    *non-PPO resistant

    The Science: How it works

    Field Trial Data

    In more than 700 North American product development trials and regulatory studies, Reviton demonstrated extremely high- performance ratings in burndown efficacy – providing reliable and consistent control of both broadleaf and grass weeds.

    See Reviton in the field with our 360-Degree Virtual Discovery Days

    Formulated with an ultra-low use rate, Reviton is an excellent fit in reduced- and no-till production systems.

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