Galvanize® Contact

Galvanize® Contact is a liquid fermentation solution which is foliar-applied for rapid response to crop stressors.

By providing balanced nutrition, Galvanize Contact helps create a favorable foliar environment and gives plants the capacity to minimize environmental stress effects.

Galvanize Contact helps crops reach maximum yield and quality potential and clears the pathway for the effectiveness of complimentary products.

The Science: How it works

Galvanize® Contact provides the vital nourishment plants need to have an effective defense system. It supports plant health by creating a favorable foliar environment. A strong, fortified plant can reach maximum yield and quality potential.

Galvanize Contact works quickly to minimize the impacts of stress. Foliar-contact application is designed for immediate effect with visual responses in as few as 2-3 days.

Field Trial Data

Research showed Galvanize® Contact pears achieved higher average fruits fruit weights and yield compared to the conventionally treated control. Similarly, wine grape research showed higher grape production and increased polyphenol (gallic acid) content compared to the control. 

Additionally, third-party research showed a reduction in pounds per acre use of traditional chemistries, with maintained or improved plant health. 

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