HelmPro™ K46 Potassium Nitrate Crystalline Soluble

We are proud to introduce HelmPro K46, HELM’s potassium nitrate product to help growers meet the needs of the most demanding crops and growing systems.

Product Description

  • HelmPro K46 represents the best potassium and nitrogen source for high demanding crops such as fruits and vegetables.
  • The nitrate nitrogen is preferred form of nitrogen for the plant. HelmPro K46 is soluble in water and is the most soluble potassium fertilizer.
  • Growers can use it in high concentrations without precipitation in the tank or blockages in the irrigation nozzles. Both SOP and KTS are alternatives to potassium nitrate. However, SOP is 3 times less soluble than HelmPro K46.
  • Low salinity: HelmPro K46 offers a lower salt index compared to potassium chloride
  • Low chloride: the almost absence of chlorine, makes it safe for sensitive crops


HelmPro K46 is ideal for chlorine sensitive crops with high potassium requirements.

  • Vegetables: tomato, potato, cucumber, onion lettuce
  • Fruits: almond, citrus, berries, avocado, stone fruits

Product Characteristics

Total nitrogen13%
Nitrate nitrogen13%
Potassium oxide46%
Solubility in water387 g/l