Agro-Mos® is a liquid fermentation solution for all crops that primes plants’ natural defenses, delivering nutrition to improve plant vitality in the face of stress.

Extensive nutrigenomic evidence shows activation of defense genes that fortify plant cells and tissues. This fortification supports a crop’s ability to reach maximum yield and quality potential.

Agro-Mos provides comprehensive coverage through systemic action and has no yield drag.

The Science: How it works

Pushing the science behind plant disease prevention, this first-of-its-kind yeast derived product helps safeguard against the threat of performance-robbing stresses.

Agro-Mos provides precise nutrition to improve plant vitality in the face of stress during the growing season. It works by priming a crop’s own internal and external defense mechanisms, ultimately helping engage a plant’s natural response against environmental stressors. 

Plus, as a plant develops defense mechanisms, energy is conserved so no yield is lost during the process.

Field Trial Data

Research showed Agro-Mos oranges achieved higher average fruits per branch, percent of fruit set and yield compared to the control. Similarly, cherry tomato research showed higher yield, number of fruit per plant and fruit weight compared to the control.

Additionally, third-party research showed a significant reduction in overall pesticide use while maintaining or improving plant health.

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Agro-Mos® is OMRI Listed for use in organic crop production by IMPROCROP USA, Inc. d/b/a Alltech Crop Science. Must not be used as a defoliant, herbicide, or desiccant. Micronutrient deficiency must be documented by soil or  tissue testing or other documented and verifiable method as approved by a certifying agent. Agro-Mos® is a registered trademark of Improcrop USA. Alltech® is a registered trademark of Alltech, Inc.