Urea is highly soluble in water and is most commonly used as a Nitrogen source in the Agricultural sector.

Product Description

Urea (46-0-0)  is produced in either prilled or granular form.  The benefit of granular urea is that it is more uniform size.  This ensures an even spread pattern of the product across the field. In recent years global production of granular urea has  increased greatly.


More than 90% of the world urea production is allocated for agricultural use as nitrogen fertilizer. Urea is either applied directly as straight fertilizer or as an ingredient for various tailor made bulk blends. Urea is also a valuable raw material used in the production of compound fertilizers and solutions for fertigation. Urea is also consumed in the industrial chemical world to produce chemical compounds, such as formaldehyde, resins and adhesives – all of which are widely used in the chipboard and furniture industry. Urea liquor of high technical quality is used in automobile systems for reduction of the nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gases.

Product Features

  • Nitrogen: 46% min.
  • Biuret: 1,0% max.
  • Moisture: 0,5% max.
  • Granulometry prilled (between 1 - 4 mm): 90% min.
  • Granulometry granular (between 2 - 4 mm): 90% min.