Ask more from the crop

Agricultural crops are not passive, entirely dependent organisms. They can be "put to work" by supporting, triggering and harnessing natural physiological processes within the plant.

For example, by encouraging additional chlorophyll production, the plant can run a more effective photosynthetic process. This, in turn, delivers increased vegetative and reproductive growth and final yield. Technology has consistently been a driving force in farm productivity, from machinery to advanced plant genetics and more. 

The next wave of increased farm productivity is happening through plant physiology. By driving natural processes and supporting the plant, growers can turn a dependent, lazy crop into a hardworking asset.


In the grower's hands

The moment of peak genetic potential for any crop is when the seed touches the ground. From that moment onward, it is the responsibility of proactive managers to preserve that potential. The grower's job is to give the crop the tools to optimize performance and protect yield.

Just as farmers in the past would teach their children to do farm chores and everyday activities, modern growers can "show" their crops how to do more. Enter HELM's Plant Advantage portfolio, specifically Crop Development.  


HELM's Crop Development philosophy

Many variables of raising a successful crop fall outside one's control - drought, wind events, bad seed and animal damage are just a few examples. HELM's Crop Development portfolio consists of products that can help create a more durable and robust crop to better handle the stressors it will inevitably face throughout a growing season.

Using HELM’s Plant Advantage tools, growers can help drive and develop the crop in different ways, such as increasing nutrient use efficiency, driving CO2 or optimizing water use. These actions can prime plants for improved crop health and marketable characteristics.


Physiological effects

HELM’s Crop Development portfolio contains choices for growers to affect the crop for optimal production. Each benefit below contains a link to the corresponding product page for more information.

Whether it’s mitigating stress, improving quality or supporting plant health, HELM has solutions to help your crops reach their full genetic potential. 


Don't let crops get lazy

Biologicals can be a valuable tool to get more from an agronomic investment. Growers can turn a potentially lazy crop into a hardworking asset by supporting the crop’s physiology.  

Contact your local HELM representative or agronomist to learn more about HELM's Plant Advantage portfolio and how it could work for you. You can also take one or more of HELM's online learning modules, which cover Plant Advantage topics such as Soil Health, Crop Development, and Crop Defense.