Millions of acres don’t lie.


Reviton is the real deal. A powerful PPO burndown herbicide, Reviton hammers down tough broadleaves and grasses that threaten your yield.

  • Reviton has demonstrated consistent performance in burndown efficacy - providing reliable control of tough weeds like waterhemp, Palmer amaranth, giant ragweed and lambsquarters. 
  • Reviton easily integrates into your existing spring or fall burndown program without significant management changes necessary.
  • Reviton increases the speed of kill when compared to auxin applications alone. It can also help to reduce selection pressure on dicamba and 2,4-D.
  • Corn has a 0-day rotational crop interval, key for reduced and no-till production systems.
  • Soybeans have a 0-7 day rotational crop interval, dependent upon application rates and soil types.



Corn Replant Recommendation

 Growth Stage V2, 21 days after treatment (DAT)



Growth Stage V6, 17 days after treatment (DAT)



Learning module

To learn more about Reviton®, explore this brief online learning module covering application methods, rates and best practices. Certified Crop Advisers can receive 0.5 CEU credits for completing the course.


Product Specifications


Active Ingredient: Tergeo®

Mode of Action: Group 14

Formulation: Suspension concentrate

Application: Preplant, Preemergence, Desiccation, Defoliation

Restricted Use: No

Signal Word: Caution







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