HELM Agro adds Scyon and aCalsa® SC to its Plant Advantage™ portfolio

HELM Agro US, Inc. announces Scyon and aCalsa® SC as the newest additions to its Plant Advantage™ portfolio. These nutrient-based, metabolite products bolster HELM’s offerings and support the HELM mission to bridge the gap between traditional crop protection products and biologicals.

Scyon for plant resilience

Scyon is a unique product that bolsters plant resiliency in adverse conditions by enhancing nutrient use efficiency, plant vitality and energy. Using those three main effects, Scyon helps plants mitigate abiotic and biotic stress and supports nutrient efficiency to help crops thrive in adverse conditions.

It contains six natural metabolites in a potassium complex designed to support overall plant health and help reduce stress. By linking plant nutrition, water use and the plant’s energy-producing systems, Scyon increases overall plant vitality.

aCalsa SC for an efficient crop

aCalsa® SC is a calcium phosphite biostimulant complex designed to support robust conversion of nitrogen to proteins in plant cells. With three distinct modes of action, aCalsa SC provides multiple avenues to achieve beneficial plant health outcomes, leading to a more durable and efficient crop. Through a stabilized formulation and low use rates, aCalsa SC is an efficient calcium phosphite delivery system and easy to use.

The biostimulant complex and calcium found in aCalsa SC delivers a wide range of effects, depending on dose and timing.

Benefits include:

  • Increased root and shoot development
  • Added nutrient uptake
  • Improved fruit quality and durability
  • Additional grain set and yield
  • Enhanced flavors, colors and brix levels

“Plant Advantage products enhance current and future agricultural production practices,” says Tim Eyrich, HELM Plant Advantage Product Development Manager. “As consumer demands shift away from traditional chemistries, growers will need to explore and adopt new methods to get their fields to work harder for them and to reach the next level of output. Plant Advantage products can help meet changing market demands by helping each plant reach its genetic potential.”

HELM’s Plant Advantage novel nutritional products are designed to help plants reach their genetic potential. These products have physiological relationships with the plant to support soil health, crop development and crop defense. By activating genes within plants, optimizing critical pathways and supporting the vitality of the soil microbiome, these products give plants an advantage. By adding these products to the HELM Plant Advantage portfolio, HELM provides growers with a more expansive product envelope to use across their fields along with the support of the expanding HELM team.

Learn more about Scyon and aCalsa SC or contact your local HELM rep.

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