Introducing Reviton®, a non-selective herbicide with a new proprietary active ingredient for preplant burndown of broadleaf and grass weeds in corn, cotton, soybeans and wheat.

A preeminent new tool from HELM Agro US, Reviton delivers powerful control more than 50 broadleaf and grass weeds to prepare fields for the cleanest start possible while protecting emerging crops against the threat of resistant weed competition.

In more than 700 North American product development trials and regulatory studies, Reviton has demonstrated extremely high-performance ratings in burndown efficacy for more than 50 broadleaf and grass weeds, including ALS, triazine and glyphosate-resistant species. 

Reviton offers a more complete package for what growers need in a preplant burndown solutions, including a low use rate formulation, tank mix compatibility, crop rotational flexibility with greater plant back options. The new herbicide also has expanded use as a desiccant for cotton.

Novel Active Ingredient

“Reviton is a unique product. It is innovative from the standpoint that it has a new active ingredient that has never been registered in the U.S.,” says James Whitehead, Lead Agronomist for HELM Agro US.

“Reviton’s novel active ingredient is called Tergeo®, which is a PPO herbicide with a Group 14 classification,” he says. “While most PPO herbicides only control broadleaves with burning of grass weeds, Reviton has the ability to control both broadleaves and grasses.”

Fast-acting with herbicidal effects occurring withing 24 hours after application, Whitehead continues by saying that new Reviton will provide row crop growers with an important new tool for tackling resistance.

“With a new active ingredient, Reviton allows growers to take the selection pressure off of chemistries like 2,4-D and dicamba while strengthening their existing integrated weed control systems for sustainable resistance management,” he adds.

Strong Start to the Season

Reviton is a next-generation burndown herbicide that quickly eliminates weeds resulting in a stronger clean start foundation for maximum yield potential and ROI.

Setting the stage for season-long success, fields treated with Reviton benefit from an earlier planting window and improved springtime efficiency while minimize the risk of yield loss due to resistance.

An excellent fit for reduced- and no-till production systems. Reviton also provides greater flexibility in crop rotation and plant back options across a variety of crops.

To learn more about this new preplant burndown herbicide, click on the below to watch a short video.

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