Scyon features a unique nutrient complex - helping crops thrive in adverse conditions.

There are hundreds of products within the biologicals category, each with different modes of action, active ingredients and desired effects in the crop. Biologicals are a notoriously complex and confusing area of crop inputs, and yet are growing massively in adoption. Why? Because biologicals represent the next frontier of agronomic productivity. 

The key is to be able to explore which products will work best for your current cropping practices, plant nutrition programs and goals in the field. There are no magic wands or silver bullets, no products that can do everything for a crop. There are only solutions meant to be used precisely for specific outcomes. 

When it comes to selecting a new product to try on your farm, it is crucial that you define the goals and outcomes that you want to achieve and work backwards to select the product that will help achieve them. If you are aiming for a more durable, healthy and productive crop, then Scyon is a solution worth considering for this season. 

Six ingredients, three effects, one product

Scyon is a unique complex of potassium, zinc and manganese comprised of six metabolites designed to help your crop thrive against stressors. As a part of the HELM Plant Advantage™ line, Scyon fits under both the Crop Development and Crop Defense pillars.

Scyon uses multiple avenues to achieve three main effects: 

  • Nutrient Use Efficiency: Enhanced nutrient uptake, transport, mobility and assimilation
  • Additional energy: Achieved through elevated CO2 acquisition and photosynthetic activity
  • Vitality: Regulating the plant’s immune response in the face of abiotic stressors

You can think of Scyon as a balanced breakfast for your crops. When a plant has balanced nutrition, it can mount a rapid defense response against nearly any type of stress. 

Scyon helps a plant uptake nutrients from the soil, boosts internal transport of nutrients and supports assimilation and remobilization of nutrients to help plants reach closer to peak nutrient use efficiency. 


Multiple roads, same destination

Each step in the plant’s response to external stimuli leads to the next step. First, there is a stimulus. The plant recognizes the threat and engages systems within itself to respond, where it optimizes growth and performance while helping to combat environmental conditions. Scyon aids the plant in recruiting and engaging the internal systems necessary to deal with stressors. 

One of those systems is energy production. With multiple modes of action, Scyon supports higher levels of energy within the plant. For example, Scyon enhances Rubisco and PEP carboxylase, which are two metabolic pathways that help make energy more readily available to the plant.

These metabolic pathways take up carbon dioxide and make it available for the photosynthetic process. This provides the plant with additional energy. 

Scyon’s metabolites also affect and regulate the plant’s immune response in the face of abiotic stressors. Operating a plant’s innate defenses comes at a physiological cost. Scyon metabolites help to offset the cost and provide vitality and vigor without a drain on plant resources. 

Pair it up

One way to incorporate Scyon into your existing program is to pair it with a fungicide. Scyon complements fungicide programs by bolstering plant resiliency in adverse conditions. While the fungicide works to defend the plant from diseases, Scyon helps the plant keep itself healthy. It helps mitigate stress by linking plant nutrition, water use and the plant’s energy-producing systems to increase overall plant vitality. 

The variety of products in the biologicals space continues to grow, but there are few available that can help crops navigate stress, enhance nutrient uptake and increase yield all in one product. Scyon uses multiple avenues to achieve three main effects, giving confidence that despite unpredictable conditions, Scyon will perform and deliver for your crops. 

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