Zone Assist

Zone Assist is an effective, long-lasting early-season foundation tool for cleaner fields and better yield potential in soybeans, peanuts, dry shelled beans and dry peas.

Combining two powerful modes of action in a single, simple solution, Zone Assist conquers more than 65 broadleaf and grass weeds, including glyphosate-resistant species like waterhemp, lambsquarters, pigweed, nightshade and kochia.

Primary Weeds Controlled

Amaranth species, American daisy, Annual sedge, Bristly starbur, Carpetweed, Catchweed, Cocklebur, Coffee senna, Copperleaf (hophornbeam, Virginia), Crabgrass, Eclipta, Florida beggarweed, Florida pusley, Foxtail species, Golden crownbeard, Goosegrass, Groundcherry (clammy, cutleaf), Hairy galinsoga, Jimsonweed, Kochia, Ladysthumb, Lambsquarters, Marshelder, Morningglory species, Mustard (black, tumble, wild), Nightshade (black, eastern black, hairy), Nutsedge (purple, yellow), Palmer amaranth, Panicum (fall, Texas), Pennsylvania smartweed, Pigweed (redroot, smooth), Poorjoe, Prickly sida/Teaweed, Purslane, Redstem filaree, Redweed, Rockpurslane redmaids, Russian thistle, Shattercane, Shepherd’s purse, Southern sida, Spurge (prostrate, spotted), Spurred anoda, Velvetleaf, Venice mallow, Waterhemp (common, tall), Wild buckwheat, Wild poinsettia

The Science: How it works

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