HELM Agro and Alltech Crop Science Partnership

HELM Agro and Alltech Crop Science are partnering to bridge the gap between traditional and biological crop input solutions. The goal? To give you better performance and profitability at every stage of crop production. This new relationship applies a systems approach to support sustainable practices and provide you with easy access and product education on full-spectrum, integrated crop solutions.

In the partnership, HELM Agro will market, sell and distribute the Alltech Crop Science product line in the U.S. Alltech Crop Science will continue to manufacture its crop science solutions while focusing on scientific research and new product development. The collaboration brings together crop inputs from both companies and elevates science and service through expertise, resources and new, innovative product options.

HELM Agro is always actively seeking to provide solutions and expertise that enhance grower success. Expanding the current product line to include biological products is something we’ve continually evaluated. Alltech Crop Science biological products represent the innovative, science-backed and exclusive type of crop input solutions we were looking for to complement our current portfolio of products which now includes new, novel active ingredient chemistry with Reviton™, Gamma™ and Katagon™. This partnership bridges the gap between traditional chemistries and biological inputs, bringing them together in a systems approach.

Both HELM Agro and Alltech Crop Science are built with strong family legacies as their backbone, and with the same values and entrepreneurial spirit as our grower and retail customers. Both companies wanted more than a business transaction, they wanted a strong cultural fit.

It was also important to have differentiated products that work and provide value. Alltech Crop Science fermentation-based biological products are truly unique and cannot be replicated. They are backed by extensive science and research to help deliver strong results.

HELM Agro offers strong sales, market access and expertise to expand the footprint for biologicals and bridge the gap with traditional crop inputs. We’ll provide broader distribution, greater support, more freedom of choice and ease in doing business.

Alltech Crop Science products are unique. They are derived from microbial fermentation, as compared to seaweed or other plant-derived products, and use metabolites instead of live bugs. Key product benefits include:

• Long shelf-life with little worry about products expiring in a warehouse.
• Metabolite technology results in ability to tank mix with traditional crop inputs.
• Easier to transport, use and store.

Alltech Crop Science nutrigenomic research drives product discovery and helps deliver solutions that work with the plant to drive performance proactively. Alltech Crop Science biologicals help plants build defenses against stressors as part of an integrated management solution.

It is neither. The agreement between HELM Agro and Alltech Crop Science is a working partnership of two like-minded, family-owned companies. HELM Agro will market, sell and distribute the Alltech Crop Science line. Alltech Crop Science will continue to manufacture and conduct research and discovery for new products.

HELM Agro and Alltech Crop Science will work to ensure a seamless transition for current customer in all aspects of the sales process. Starting September 1, 2021, the current Alltech Crop Science portfolio will be added to the HELM Agro Distributor Price List. Pricing and programs will be announced at that time. HELM Agro will strive to minimize any disruption. Pricing is reviewed on a regular basis and will be communicated as conditions change.

All products will be marketed and distributed by HELM Agro through its normal sales operations starting September 1, 2021. This partnership and distribution is confined to the United States market. All other markets serviced by Alltech Crop Science will maintain their current distribution models.

Current customers will fully transition to a local HELM Agro sales representative as of September 1, 2021, where they will receive timely customer service with the continued technical support of the Alltech Crop Science team. The intent of the partnership is to enhance expertise, resources and options to help deliver better margins and profitability for you. the HELM Agro sales team to provide even greater coverage and service for the Alltech Crop Science biological product line.

Until September 1, 2021, customers can continue to call your current Alltech Crop Science representative. They can also call their local HELM Agro sales representative. Complete account transfer will occur September 1, 2021. It is our goal to make the transition as seamless as possible. We understand customers may have strong and trusted relationships with the Alltech Crop Science team. That team’s expertise is not going away; they will continue to provide technical support to ensure the greatest success for our customers.

Prior to September 1, 2021, all orders should be placed through Alltech Crop Science by emailing Customer Service. Place orders on and after September 1, 2021 through HELM Agro Customer Service.

Send an email to Alltech Crop Science Customer Service.

Send an email to HELM Agro Customer Service.

The future is bright with opportunities to introduce new premixes to the market and broaden horizons with new nutrigenomic innovations. We will continuously conduct research to discover the next generation of integrated solutions. Expect more to come!